Pure Binaural Beats -Delta brain waves.

What Are Delta Brain Waves? Delta Brain Waves are the brain’s slowest frequency range cycling at a rate of 1-4 times per second (eg 1 Hz — 4 Hz). Delta Brain Waves become active in your brain when you are in the deeper stages of sleep. They are associated with being completely unconscious (ie you usually won’t know or remember anything while Delta Waves are dominant). Delta Brain Waves have been known to oscillate throughout all parts of the brain and are not usually synchronized. Of all brainwave ranges, the Delta Waves have the greatest amplitude and are responsible for the slowest form of mental processing. Having access to the Delta Brainwave state not only implies that we are in a deep stage of sleep though. In some cases, people can learn to increase their delta activity. People with high amounts of Delta Waves have been found to have increased empathy (or understanding of others’ emotions). Other interesting effects have been documented as a side-effect of having Delta Brainwaves. Delta Brain Waves Benefits Delta Brain Waves have been proven to have a number of beneficial side-effects. When Delta Brain Waves increase, so does your natural ability to: Release Anti-Aging hormones, tap an increased amount of empathy (understanding how others feel), heal the mind and repair your muscles, and access the deepest possible states of relaxation. Other side-effects as a result of Delta Brain Waves include: the release of natural growth hormone, the release of melatonin

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